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Property Owner Responsibilities to Avoid Premises Liability Lawsuits


October 27, 2022

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According to the latest statistics by the Los Angeles Times, there are over 3 million slip and fall cases in the city every year. Although these cases are usually between your insurance provider and the victim, you will still feel the negative effects of being the property owner. These cases are the leading cause for personal injury lawsuits and premises liability lawsuits.

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Take reasonable precautions to protect the public from unreasonable risks of harm.

As a property owner you need to maintain your property regularly to avoid an accident. Keeping your property clear of any debris or slippery surfaces is one of the most important steps you can take. In California, the number of premises liability lawsuits that occur in a year are nearing an all-time high. 

Maintain the property free of hazards and dangers.

The most important step you can take as a property owner is to keep your property free of dangers. That includes regular maintenance and clearing debris from publicly accessible areas. Slips and falls aren’t the only dangers associated with property owners. 

There are several dangers that can affect the public that don’t necessarily apply to public walkways. For example, you can have overhead hanging debris or items that are likely to fall. 

Take into account that these points need to be regularly addressed to ensure there are no dangers to the public and to avoid premises liability lawsuits.

Repair dangerous conditions before they cause foreseeable harm.

By regularly performing maintenance, you can stay ahead and prevent any dangers from causing harm. Whether that’s exposed electrical wires to uneven surfaces, you can prevent a lawsuit from taking care of these issues ahead of time. 

Address any problem conditions if they should become known.

If someone approaches you and makes you aware of a danger on your property, it is your responsibility to take care of it immediately. The longer you ignore it, the higher the chances of it becoming a legal problem in the future. 

Every property owner has a responsibility to the public. They need to make sure their property is safe and any areas that are publicly accessible are hazard free. 

Final Thoughts

By following these steps, property owners can reduce their risk of being sued for premises liability. Keeping a safe and hazard free property is the first step to ensuring you don’t find yourself involved in a premises liability lawsuit. 

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